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Preconstruction Planning

Sanie Mfg. is comprised of a dedicated and professional team that is capable of handling any technical challenge that your structural steel fabrication project may encounter. With over 25 years of steel industry experience, we have the ability to problem solve complex items in a simplified manner that will be mutually beneficial.

Shop Fabrication 

Sanie Mfg. has been steadily growing within the steel fabrication and installation industry. Since 1982 we have been serving the steel construction marketplace in California and beyond.  Our mission since day one has been to do the job right, safely, and on time. We are known for achieving this goal by maintaining an organized and efficient production system with excellent craftsmanship.


Excellent communication, coordination, and a well streamlined process are just a few of the key components that make Sanie Mfg. a leader in the steel industry. We pride ourselves in ensuring timely and safe installation of our work; as well as the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen changes in order to meet any deadline.  



Sanie Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a leading fabricator and installer in the field of structural and miscellaneous steel used in many major construction projects such as large scale parking structures, commercial buildings, and residential homes.


Sanie Manufacturing is a City of Los Angeles approved Fabricator, which has been fabricating and installing structural and miscellaneous steel for almost four decades. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship from start to finish as well as repeat business we regularly receive from our very satisfied customers.. Our team is consisted of well qualified and seasoned personnel with combined experience that exceeds most of our competitors. With our extensive experience in the steel industry we are able to tackle any problem that may arise with quick, economical, and smart solutions.


Sanie Manufacturing is a well-diversified fabricator and installer. Most people know us for our parking structures, stairs and rails. However, we also specialize in helipads, solar panels, retrofit, and light structural steel. We can say with confidence that no job is too big or too small.  


We look looking forward to our next project together.





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 714-751-7700 x 8 or fill out the following form

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Main Office

320 E. Alton Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92707 

Tel: 714-751-7700

Fax: 714-751-0519


To apply for a job with Sanie Mfg. Co., Inc., please send a cover letter together with your resume to: 

Bid Request: 714-751-7700 x 7


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